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4 January 2020 - 

In the thousands of old postcards for sale in our online store, perhaps the most frequent and quintessentially British views we see are images of our High Streets.  The term High Street is a very old one, the UK's version of the American Main Street... it is the most common street name in the UK and although modern day high streets are in somewhat of a decline, they were originally the hub of business life in our towns and cities, where the main shopping centres were to be found.  Wikipedia states that there are 5,410 High Streets in Britain - the shortest one being in Holsworthy in Devon, which is no more than 100 yards long and consists of only three shops!

 As our High Streets have changed over the years, I thought it a good idea to feature just some of the vintage postcards in our store, celebrating the High Street.  Each image will be clickable and will take you to that postcard in our store, if it is still available when you read this. Each image when clicked will open in a new window so you won't lose where you're up to!

We have literally hundreds of High Street vintage postcards so it will be a lucky dip - starting with this one of Bromsgrove High Street.

High Street, Bromsgrove

Bromsgrove High Street is now pedestrianised - as are many up and down the country.  This postcard was posted in October 1914 - unfortunately it does have a crease but it is still a valuable insight into Bromsgrove's past.

Here's a few more currently in our store.


Colchester High Street, old postcard

 Colchester High Street, Essex - a bit of a yellow day by the looks of it! This postcard is unused, so no date obvious but spot the Hippodrome Theatre on the right side of the street, this closed in 1961 so it gives us a fair idea of when this photo was taken, most likely c1960.

High Street, Chesham

The above postcard is a lovely real photo postcard of Chesham High Street in Buckinghamshire - research shows that this also is now pedestrianised (do correct me if I am wrong!).  This postcard was posted on May 9th, 1910.  Again, if you click on the image it will take you to this card in our store if it is still available.

High Street, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent

The above postcard shows a sort of misty view of High Street in Tunstall, now part of Stoke on Trent.  The postcard was not postally used but it is thought to be c1910 and again is a real photo postcard - la creme de la creme of the postcard world!  I will do another blog very soon detailing the differences between real photo and printed postcards.

High Street, Pinner

We're in High Street, Pinner, Middlesex on the postcard above, it was posted on March 8th, 1909.  It is still recognisable today, except for the invasion of the motor car!


High Street, Ashford, Kent

Superb real photo postcard of High Street in Ashford, Kent.  This was not postally used but was published no later than mid 1918.

High Street, Dunfermline

A relatively recent one, this one above shows High Street, Dunfermline.  Spot Woolworths! Some people collect old postcards simply because they show this iconic shop!  This one was posted in 1957 so the photographer was there some time in the 1950s, at 12.45 pm according to the clock!

High Street, Evesham

As it is very early January 2020 when I am writing this, let's finish with this one above, of High Street, Evesham - embossed with a Happy New Year greeting and posted December 31st 1909.  

There are pages and pages of vintage High Street views in our store - if you would like to browse through all of them, just put the words High Street into the search box on our website. 

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