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What are my own favourite vintage postcards?

One question I am often asked, is what are my favourite types of vintage postcards? The answer may surprise you - I really love the old French street scenes - one of my own favourites is the following rare vintage card of Le Tronquay, Maison de Commerce.... note the store owner posing on the step for the photographer, surrounded by other locals.
Le Tronquay is only a tiny village, it's situated in Calvados.  In 2008 it's population had dropped to 480.  So yes, it's an expensive card (£24) which captures a moment in time outside the village store.   Tempted to keep it not sell it  (I'll never be a millionaire!)

Here's another - La Gorgue (Nord) - shown below - I wonder how long it took to get the village locals to line up and pose, especially the children?  This card is one of several we currently have of La Gorgue.
Next we are visiting Lens in Pas-de-Calais; Rue de la Gare.  This sold some while ago
so you won't find it in our store - see it below
Maybe not quite as interesting is this one of Lunel, (below) in Herault; not as many people in this one but it still gives an idea of olde worlde France.... if I can use that phrase. 
This card of Bayeux (below) gives a rather ethereal feel - or was it just that it was a rainy day?
From Bayeux we travel to Bray-sur-Somme, which as you will assume, is in the Somme area of France. This is entitled La Poste (The Post Office).  Again, unposted, but probably circa 1915.  The card has a few marks on it, but still retains some charm. See it below
Another one I particularly like, is this one of Trelon in the Nord region - La Grand Place (below). Look at the locals posing for the photographer and the lack of traffic of any kind!
From there, we're off to Fruges in the Pas-de-Calais region (below) -  all the kiddies have been lined up for the camera - in the background, other locals look on.  
Lastly, I will finish with one that isn't in our store at all - one from my own private collection of my favourite place in France which I visit as often as I can... Arradon in Morbihan, Southern Brittany. This is an old view of La Rue Principale - nowadays a lot brighter and it has a pavement too as well as outdoor bars, but I love this old view! It was posted in 1916 - they often stuck stamps on the front in those days! See Arradon postcard below.
I hope you've enjoyed a little trip through some of our old French postcards that are currently in our store or were sold by us. We get them in all the time, as well as vintage postcards from other countries including the UK.
If you'd like to see the full French section in our store, have a browse, even if you don't want to buy any - this isn't about persuading you to buy, it's simply me sharing with you, my favourite types of vintage postcards... make a cuppa, draw up a chair and have a look - our full French section can be found  HERE  Thanks for reading! Tyne Henney-Scrafton (Ms) - Owner, OLD POSTCARDS

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