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Dos and Don'ts of searching our store!

Many people come to our online vintage postcards store, hit the 'search all site' button but don't get the results they hoped for.  So.... in order to search more accurately here's a few tips!

There are two ways of searching our store:

a) Search whole site

b) Search within categories

Let's start with 'search whole site'


Never enter a phrase in this search box, e.g. 'vintage postcards Liverpool'. At the moment we have hundreds  of vintage cards of Liverpool but this particular search only shows results for listings which also have the words 'vintage postcards' in! Search engines like ours don't like phrases.  If you enter the one word 'Liverpool' in this search box, you hit the bullseye and get ALL the results. However, you will then be presented with pages and pages to trawl through simply because we have so many!  This is a reason to use the following recommended method of searching.


We actually recommend ignoring the 'search whole site' button - not only for its dislike of phrases but also you may not be able to narrow down your search sufficiently.

A far better way of searching is to search within the actual categories.

Click on any of the headings in the menu section and you will see two buttons.

a) "Browse By"  and

b) "Sort By"

Which to use? BROWSE BY.  If you're seeking cards of a specific location in that county, this is a drop down box which reveals the names of all the places currently in stock within that county. Voila! Just click on the name(s) you want and you will be taken directly to those listings.

The 'sort by' button will reveal other options, e.g. lowest - highest price, new to old (brings newest listings up first) alphabetically (we recommend you ignore that, reason given in a moment) and Best Selling.  Again, ignore that .... why?

- Ignore Best Selling because all our items are unique one off items. Best Selling will therefore not apply - it is just part of the template and can only apply to stores selling multiple quantities of products.

- Ignore the 'Alphabetically' option ... why? Because we quote the title of the postcard in our titles, not necessarily starting with the place name. So... if you have a card entitled 'A pretty view of Weymouth' then this would come up under 'A'... whereas if you are searching for Weymouth cards, you would probably be clicking Z-A rather than A-Z and you wouldn't see it. 


To sum up....  the best way to find accurate results is to click on the menu headings and search WITHIN THOSE HEADINGS.  You will be shown all the various categories within those headings and then once you find your chosen category, you will also have the option of searching for the town name using the Browse By button.  Simples!

PS just to be awkward, if searching USA, Canada or France, the Browse By button does not list the towns, but it lists the States and the 'Departements' respectively.

For categories where we don't have many in stock, e.g. some Welsh or Scottish counties, we haven't yet indexed them but it's easy to see what there is on the screen. When I get a minute I will make sure these are indexed too before we get more in.

The main thing to remember.... don't go to the main search box and enter a phrase! You will not get accurate results.  

I hope all this doesn't sound too complicated - it really isn't rocket science but so many people do enter phrases in the search box, that I thought it best just to pass on the above tips so that you will stand a better chance of getting relevant results.

Happy Browsing and thanks for reading!

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